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Helpful Forms

Here are some helpful forms here for your convenience.

Initial Intake Form

Biopyschosocial Packet

Release General Consent

Release Criminal Justice Consent

Also for Group Therapy here is a copy of the Group Journal.

After you have conducted your initial intake here at Stepping Stones, you will be asked to fill out the Biopsychosocial at home. If you would like to complete this form before you come in for an appointment or if you've misplaced it you can download and print it here .

For information regarding Stepping Stones practice policies, philosophy, and other information about our care, please read through our Patient Orientation Packet

How to Sign Signatures in a PDF Document

There are many ways to add signatures to PDF documents. However many require a payed subscription. However Google Drive is a free program where you can download and save a PDF document. You can then convert the PDF file into a google doc or word doc. Then you can click insert, draw, and draw you signature and drag and place it into the signature line. Here is a video outlining the process

Note: To download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here .